Frequently Asked Questions




When is the registration deadline for each event?

The deadline to register for an event is at 11:59pm the Saturday prior to the event.  Under no exceptions will an entry be accepted after the deadline.


Do I need to resubmit my participation form at each event?

No, you only need to submit one participation form before your first event of the season.  However, you do need to resubmit a new form each season.  If you submitted a 2017 form last year, you will need to submit a 2018 form prior to competing at your first event this season.


When is the line-up for each event released?

Our goal is to have line-ups posted by the Monday evening prior to each event.  If it's ready sooner, the line-up may be posted on Sunday night.


What time should I arrive to each event?

We recommend arriving at least 60 minutes before your scheduled performance time.  This will give you plenty of time to get acclimated with the performance area, change into uniform, and warm-up.  Remember, if you miss your scheduled performance time, you will receive a 1 to 3 point penalty.


My assigned performance time conflicts with another event—can I change performance times?

Yes and no. Once the schedule is released, your performance time is final.  If you miss your scheduled performance time you will receive a delay of event penalty.  However,  anytime BEFORE the registration deadline we do accept time request from drum majors who have other school functions (i.e. drum line, color guard, jazz festival, etc.) that may cause a schedule conflict.  You must let us know the time frame you are available to perform and the reason for the request.  You can do this either during the registration process or by emailing us at


When is the deadline to email music?

The deadline to email your music file is the same as the registration deadline: 11:59pm the Saturday prior to the event.


Can I change my music?

Yes, but you must submit your new music to before the registration deadline.


Do I need to email my music for every event?

No, only if your music has changed since your last performance.  



For information regarding parade performances, please see PARADE GUIDELINES.



For information regarding conducting performances, please see CONDUCTING GUIDELINES.



How do I cancel my registration for an event? Will I be refunded?

Send an email to stating why you need to cancel your registraion.  You will only be issued a refund if you cancel your registration PRIOR to the registration deadline.  If you need to cancel your registration AFTER the deadline, but BEFORE the date of the event, please send us an email and we will credit you for a future event.  Please note that each drum major can only receive 1 credit per season.


Who should I contact if I encounter problems registering and/or paying for an event?

Email BEFORE the registration deadline.  We will use the time stamp on the email as your official registration time.  DO NOT email us Sunday morning telling us you were having problems registering the night before.