Mentorship Program



To foster teamwork and camaraderie within the Drum Major community and to improve the average skill of the community by encouraging improvement through 1-on-1 partnerships in a competitive setting.


The mentorship program is a season long opt-in (free) competition.  Students may sign up to be paired with another student mentor throughout the season to improve their spinning skills.  Teams will have competition scores tallied at the end of the season and teams will be ranked with the highest average score and mentee improvement.  Team members will be from different schools to avoid unfair team selection that would allow teams to have more 1-on-1 time.

Mentee Requirements

  • Drum major must be a first year competitor, or
  • A returning drum major who had a final grid score of a *79.99 or lower.

*If a drum majors grid score is low due to only attending one contest during the season and/or missing finals, drum major may not be eligible to be a mentee.

Mentor Requirements

  • Drum major must be a Junior or Senior, 
  • Drum major must have real parade experience,
  • Drum major must be a returning DMSC competitor,
  • Drum major must posses strong leadership and performance skills.

*Mentor must meet all four requirements.

Team Ranking

Mentor/Mentee teams will be ranked based on the teams season average and the mentee's improvement at finals.  Scores will only be counted towards average when both mentor and mentee compete at the same event. 

Mentor Application

Mentee Application

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